Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Finishing off bits

The little bits that make a boat looked lived in always seem to take ages to make, like the rail to hang the oil bottles on. Forgeing the ends flat and bending round, then making the hooks captive round the rail so they don't bounce off 

The other thing I got round to is rope work...I've been looking at this for quite a while now, I keep getting various books out, get bluddy frustrated!!! and then put them back again. Anyway, while sat in Pelsall in the rain, I had another bash and made this little mat. Whoopee you might think, like anything else it's easy when you know how.

The thing that really did my head in, was the Crown Senit. I can do a Crown knot, no problem, but there I finish. The books or the animated knot link didn't help at all, I needed somone to show me. It just so happens a friend of ours tied up right behind us knows all about these. So, during a sunny period, we sat on the grass and I had a one to one and finally picked it up. Below is the result?

The other thing I've been looking for, is some toe edging for the steps, tool box edge and the doorway combings. It's only a little thing but it just finishes things off. After talking to a chap at the railway who owns an old bus, he put me on to a company in Walsall that does just what I'm looking for.
Right... next is handles, time to look at some old photos and go snooping round other peoples engine 'oles.
There is something else we need to look at and ask about. That's the Pantry under the back step?

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