Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mast and Stands

While at Braunston this year, Martin off "kestrel" very kindly donated a mast case. It needed some attention but is quite sound.
Also, a while ago the "Trouts" that's Dave and Karen off ex-FMC Trout, gave us a pair of stands that were surplus to their requirments. So, now we're getting the cross beams in, I thought it's time to splash a bit of paint about.
Turned out quite well, to say I'm no painter. Not sure about the blue though. I suppose some body will comment about it and put me right.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Remains of "Caggy"

After the wrestling match with the brackets, I thought we'd move back and remove more of Dove's history, that is when "Caggy" Stevens had it.

These were well over engineered gussets welded to 6x3 channels and then welded to the sides and bottom.


Had a good weekend, made and fitted the Mast Cross beam brackets. Not an easy task due to the years of bodging, rivet holes plated over, bolts welded in and old rivets just welded up.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Phase 2 of the restoration begins
Just getting the hang of this blogging lark, thought I might record our progress with Dove.
After running round like this for 12 months, we thought it was time to get on with the running gear. That is, Cratch, mast, stands and all the other bits needed to make the boat look like it should.