Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Robin

Well the Robin turned up, must have got breakfast down the cafe.
later we went for a walk to see what was happening, got some cracking pictures of frosty trees with sun shining through.
and BW breaking ice the easy way, get rid of the water, I bet that was noisy when it collapsed


Still can't get motivated, I'm afraid my joints just don't work in sub-zero conditions.
The frost this morning was quite dramatic and canal is now completely solid, we don't even rock about now.
The frost is now growing like a fungus, everything is just white, never seen my strings that white.
It's that cold our Robin hasn't been for breakfast yet!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Brrrrrr

I see Chertsey has had a rethink on winter, well, I haven't.
We planned to have an outing today with a friend of ours, but as you can see the canal has gone rather hard
We don't seem to have had as much snow as everybody else but it's bloody cold, so all stoves fired up.

I'm supposed to be doing some work on Dove but I just can't get motivated, I'll try again tomorrow.