Sunday, 29 November 2009

More Kelson

While sat watching paint dry, I thought I'd better do something else.

So fixing another length of kelson to the bottom was in order.

Due to the boat having a steel bottom, I decided the way to do this was, to weld 2 x 2 angle irons to the bottom and bolt the 2in thick Pitch pine kelson to the angles. This would then give me the required 4ins for the depth of floor and, also, give the bottom some rigidity and allow any water free access without touching the timber.

More scraping and painting

After a couple of weekends away doing other things, we're back in the bottom of the boat scraping off the old crud applied years ago by various owners.

We are trying a rust converter which is used in Locomotive preservation, hopefully it will stop the corrosion getting any worse and also create a barrier between the new paint and the bare metal. It's 70 quid a gallon so I hope it works.

Looking at the picture above you can see the white, which is the newly applied and the black/brownish that has reacted with the rust and created a sort of resin type coating.