Saturday, 5 June 2010

No flies on me.....

....oh yes there is. Why is it as soon as you get the paint pot out the flies zoom in? I've been trying to paint the boarders of the cabin for weeks now. It's either raining or too hot and now the flies. I finally beat them yesterday, I got up before they did and sucsessfully painted the all the cream. We just need Jim to re-write the registered at Birmingham bit to complete the job. I've been doing one or two jobs that have dragged on a bit, like the new Swan neck/Rams head, call it what you will. (Que Blossom) I made this quite a while ago and fially got round to fitting it. The Britannia model was not quite right, wrong diameter and the wrong shape. I had a piece of tiller bar spare so I've made a dummy to cover the rusty bit. Don't know if this is right or wrong but I've got one, somthing else to Brasso.
While I had the paint brush in hand, you know what it's like, I went round touching up all over, then forgot what was wet and finished up with more paint on me than the boat.
Next weekend we're off to the Titford rally, so get ready for another trip report

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