Sunday, 7 November 2010

The bonfire and loop the loop

After a couple of days on the arm with a few boats about and the beer tent to ourselves virtually, things started to happen on Saturday morning, boats arriving from all directions, lighting masts going up and the bonfire being built. It was all hands on deck for the transportation of pallets and various lumps of wood from the arm to the lock side at Smethwick top lock. About 4:00 bonfire was completed then guarded to stop the local numpties putting light to it. We sneaked off for pint in the tent, then Andrea had to do her stint in the Burger bar and I went to get scrubbed up. 7:30 the blue touch paper was lit and up she went, then followed a superb firework display. I tried taking photos and video but it was impossible trying to keep track of it all.
We finished the night off in you know where... and drank them dry.
Sunday morning we wandered down to help pack everything away but when we got there, it was all done. Don't know what time they all got up, must have been bright and early.
After a few had moved out of the arm we then set off. Only going to Gas Street and all day to do it in, we went for a BCN tour, we haven't done this for a while. So following the old way into Brum doing all the loops. First we headed off down Spon Lane Locks, turning left at the bottom in the mud and 100 years of industrial sludge. Next left turn into Soho loop passed the prison. A lot of the industry has gone from this area being replaced with park land and houses. However, towards the end of the loop there are one or two bits left. Like this...
and this...
oh! and this
Crossing the main line and into Icknield port loop, bringing back memories of my pipefitting days with the steam and condensate mains on the wall complete with expansion loops, wonderful stuff.
Passing the reservoir and the BW yard and then passed all the dereliction and back onto the main line then just a short way to Gas Street.

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