Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Some new bits

Now the main restoration of Dove is nearly at an end we have been putting the finishing touches to the engine 'ole and making access a little easier. First a set of steps.
Also a tool box to get rid of my spanners etc. that rattle and vibrate all over the floor. This also doubles as a step. To finish off the steps and tool box I have sourced some steel tread that was used on the old bus and lorry cab steps and they're only in Walsall.
You note that I've been splashing some paint about, the bottom sides of the engine 'ole is now green
bit brighter than black don't you think.
Another job that needed doing was the day tank level gauge and the fuel filler pipe needed redoing.  

Now the next bit, is it a Pigeon box or, is it a biscuit tin? For a while now, we've been running round with a bodged box on the cabin top. Time to make a proper ventilator now the summer is here and the air cooled engine is getting rather warm.

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Jo (Coalwoman) said...

Came passed this afternoon and thought Dove looked fantastic.