Saturday, 22 May 2010

Had a very good weekend at Ricky and got a bottle of bubbly for our efforts, looks like we'll be there next year.
While down this end of the country we've had a run up and down, firstly through Little Venice, and onto Lime House. I always thought Nuneaton was the plastic bag centre of the world, I was wrong, It's Bethnal Green. I have never seen so much crap in all my travels, funnily enough we didn't get one thing round the blade.
After taking a look at the Thames we headed back to Little Venice and met up with some friends for a drink. Very nice place, I see why people don't want to leave.
The following morning, not too early, we set off to Bulls Bridge and turned left to Brentford. Here we picked up another friend of ours from the Keighly and Worth Valley railway who lives in the area and gave us a historic industrial guided tour. It cost me quite a bit of home brew I might add. Looking at Brentford, it doesn't look anything like the the old films, must look at the films again and compare with the photos.
Got back to Uxbridge that night for Fish and Chips, and, would you believe it, some Yorkshire beer.
Leaving the next morning we bumped into George Wain, he's working the Gravel boats for Land and Water, quite a thing to meet in a bridge 'ole. Had a chat then on our way up the steady climb through Ricky and Hemel then stopping at Winkwell at tea time. This has also changed a lot since the films were made in 1950. Called at the Three Horse Shoes for a pint.....five quid for a pint and a half!! didn't look at the menu. We only had the one then back to the boat, home brew 27p a pint, gammon, sausage, egg chips three quid...very nice.
Left early next morning, cracked on up through Berkhamsted, over the top and down Marsworth. While it was quiet I thought I'd have a bash at this Thumb lining business. Not very good with single motor but I've got the idea, thanks Malcome. Got to Soulbury three last night, the weather finally got to us, Knackered!
Set off this morning about seven heading for Stoke Bruerne.

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