Friday, 14 May 2010

Day three and four

I tried blogging yesterday while on the move but the signal was up and down on Tring summit, since then I haven't had chance. So now we're at Ricky here goes.
After leaving Stoke locks it seamed to be endless miles of moored boats in various states of dis-repair. Nothing much happend all day until tea time when we were entertained by a group of Little Terns fishing behind us. Then at the last lock before Marsworth, I dropped my windlass in the pound! Not any windlass but my H. Neal and I was determined to find it. After what seamed like ages the magnet finally attached to it and it was saved, phew!
We arrived at Marsworth Junction at 9:30 had coulple of beers then called it a night.
Next morning woke up at 5:00 to a keen frost, this meant we were going to have problems starting the Armstrong, and we did! We finished up with Andrea on the starter motor and me on the cranking handle, after several goes it kicked up, smoke everywhere and twitching curtains.
Got going up the locks and soon got into a routine opening the paddles in right order to keep the boat steady. this was ground paddle on the boat side, then gate paddle other side, then the ground paddle on that side, leaving the boat side gate paddle close. About the third lock up we were joined by a Robin, cadging a ride and not in the least bothered by my pressence. By the time we reached the top lock it was a warm sunny day.
On the Tring summit, we were given a flying and fishing display by a Kingfisher and later going down to Berkhamsted we had the company of a very freindly Heron. Seem to be having a bird day.

Here we are at the bottom of Berkhamsted. Not long after this at Fishery Lock we found GU boat Belfast waiting for us to pair up until they got to their base at Nash Mills lock. Travelling down this area there are numerous GU boats, good area for Chertsey's "Spot Blog"
By the time we reached Cassiobury locks Andrea is loosing the will to live, here you can see her fed up gnome impression.

And here the locks took that long to fill she dropped off to sleep

After passing all the the floating sheds that some people might call home, we arrived at Rickmansworth at 8:00. to be greeted by Chris Bennet off GU boat Boldock.
Now we can have a weekend doing nothing after completing 127 miles, 99 locks, in 59 hours.

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