Thursday, 12 August 2010

Achilles and Jack meet

I know this blog is about Dove and not Achilles but I'm not starting another blog just for a few posts. Last week we had a visit from our Son, Daughter-in-law and Grandson Jack. So I smartend up the Gardner ready for a small trip out.
As you can see Jack came dressed for the part, wearing his Gardner jumper and with no fear at all, sat watched the 4Lw wizz round.
We only went up to Hoo mill and turned round at the winding hole, If we'd have been on Dove I'm affraid the dopey hire boat tied smack opposite would have had to move. However, Achilles being only 57 feet, we managed to turn after a little contact. Jack didn't make a full shift and passed out on the table later in the afternoon.
This outing was a good test for our trip out on Achilles down to Oxford. The engine hasn't had good run in quite a while so this was an ideal time to see what bits are going to fall off. As it happend, none did.
We're sat in Banbury at the moment, nothing much has happened, yet, I'll take some photo's on the way back. Looks like things could get interesting tomorrow with these weir lock things.

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