Friday, 13 August 2010

Banbury to Thrupp

When leaving Banbury this morning we passed Tooley's Historic boat yard, can't see much history except the little building on the left. We didn't go in to see the all the carefully placed paraphernalia, might call on the way back. Apparently this is where Tom Rolt soaked up all the little gems for is book. I did start to read Narrowboat but thought it better to sit for a while with the likes of Joe Holinshead, Henry Johnson and George Wain. I remember as an apprentice in the Sheffield steel works, incomers, similar to Rolt, sat in the snap cabins being entertained by the old hands and their tall stories and basically having them on. Believe what you will.

Soon out of Banbury and into the greenery. Every now and then there's an odd building to look at and a lock to break the monotony. Soon at Aynho, can't pronounce it but it has a peculiar lock. According to the reading, It only has a rise of 12 inches and it's there to prevent flooding but also to pass the same quantity of water as a large lock. And it takes ages to empty.
There's another one of these at Shipton, still don't get the design, I'll have another look on the way back.
We're now tied up, out side the The Jolly Boatman which was very luck it was the last place for miles. Off for a pint then Oxford tomorrow.

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Simon said...

and what a fine boat Achilles is... a short boat like mine is a pain in Aynho, it can nearly wind in the lock itself.. ;-)