Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bad start to the year

Not the start I was looking for, in fact, it didn't start at all. Now the ice as gone and the temperature is back in the plus numbers I thought I'd give Dove's motor a turn. After flattening the batteries and burning out the starter motor, I decided to look elsewhere for the problem. First choice, injectors. took them out, had a look, not very good so took them to a friend of a friend. They were sorted in a couple days and only a tenner each too. The starter motor was a different story though, complete re-build £165!!!!plus VAT!!!!! This is definitely not a good start to the year.
After re-fitting all the bits, still no go, so what now? The only thing left is compression. After removing the air intake and turning the engine over, I noticed smoke coming from the intake valve, that means more valve grinding. I've only just done Achilles, I hate valve grinding.
On removing the heads it wasn't that bad with carbon but valve seats aren't too clever, quite a bit of pitting. Yesterday I spent a full day valve grinding and today re-assembled everything. The head gaskets are made from 10 thou copper sheet, these have to be annealed, very carefully I might say. If I melted these it would have really made my day.
After the re-assembly and priming the fuel system it's time to push the button....nothing, blast or words to that effect.


David said...


fmc dove said...

I'd love to,but for two resons:-
1. Andrea would leave me
2. Couldn't aford the diesel

Paddington said...

or the oil, broken ankle and half wits sticking their noses in.

Crap diesel?

fmc dove said...

Got enough half wits already thanks.
Got it going now. what ever it was, it's shifted.