Sunday, 30 January 2011

Been here before

Well you'll be pleased to hear I got the motor running ok, after clouds of black smoke and lots of fuel priming it finally set off. A bit lumpy to start with but when it warmed up it all smoothed out. Pumped some diesel in the day tank today and looks a bit aqueous, might have to do a little tank draining. This could be the root of my problems.
On to today's job and as the title suggests, I've been here before. Last year the boarder paint came off with water ingress and the frost. It did it again this year!
This time I thought I'd get vicious and get the blow lamp out and burn the lot off.
As soon as the blow lamp got close to the paint it started to bubble up and fry. Yes fry, spitting and cracking. The only thing I can put it down to is the oil in the wood. Iroko is very oily wood apprently and this must be the reaction. I just hope now I've scorched it a bit the paint just might take this time.


Paddington said...

Hi Andrew
Firstly get all the old paint off, then wash down the bare wood with either thinners or acetone and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a coat of good quality aluminum primer and then either Sikkens RubbolAZ or Onal, this will give you a great base for you finishing coats. This is the scheme that is used by many on wooden lumpy water boats and the finish is usually 5 coats of International(which I don't like) I would talk to Sikkens and see what finnish they advise.


fmc dove said...

Thanks for that Jim, at last some good advise. Off to the good paint shop.

Joe said...

Is that what the big white sheet over the top of the cabin was for then Andy?