Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A bit more done

Due to it being my weekend at the railway, bending more copper pipe for 4 MT 75078 and being Fireman on Sunday, there's not much to report on the boat front.
Yesterday I had to go out and earn a living but today I had a fiddle day the workshop, making the throttle mechanism.
This entailed scrapping an old "G" cramp for the Acme thread and machining various bushes and pins. Surprisingly, this took me most of the day, welding all the little bits together then linishing them up to look like a casting. Cheating I know, but you just can't get bits any more and you'll never know the difference, once it's painted. Well, you will now because I've told you. (am I waffling)
Might start the day tank tomorrow.

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