Monday, 22 February 2010


Setting off from home Friday night and looking forward to a good working weekend on the boat, but on arrival finding Fradley once again under snow.
Saturday morning, looking out of a port hole and seeing that nothing had changed form last night, we decided to have another pot of tea while I persuaded my body to venture outside and lie about the cold around my feet. That just reminded me the January song by Lindisfarne.
After donning various jumpers, overalls and my now ripped and burnt orange dayglow jacket, I wandered off to the van for a load of tools, looking like some vagrant on the move.
Finally getting set up with welder, grinders and other necessary tools, I start to make the bracket for the throttle mechanism. As you may note from the above photograph, it's no tin can affair, made from 3/8ths plate and having three runs of weld alround. Most things I make tend to have that Brunnel look about them. I suppose it's with me being brought up along side steam hammers and rolling mills, everything was big and heavy.
After a bit of giggery pokery I had it all lined up, speed wheel fixed all the split pins in this time and fully operational. I say this because last time I did this, I did omit a split pin and eventually it did cause some embarrassment, I wont go into detail.
With this all connected we could now practice the starting procedure, in other words we could have a play with engine and do a bit of video
Sounds a bit better than the 4L2 don't you think and I hope it performs better.


Blossom said...

And very nice it sounds too Andrew(mind you I do love the sound of a tater roaster)

fmc dove said...

I thought they were "chip fryers"
What's a "Chip fryer" then?
Could this be another Blossom blog.

Blossom said...

Yes your right Andrew. I have heard them called both over the years, it's just I like the 'tater roaster' version. I have also heard a lot of old hands call them a 'Merganser'.