Thursday, 11 February 2010

Engine starting

Following the failed attempts to start the AS at the weekend I just couldn't leave it there. I had to go back to Fradley to do some welding work on one of the Ownership boats so, I thought I'd have another bash at starting the engine while I was there.
I made contact with the previous owner, David, he described how it was when he had it, which by the sounds, isn't much different to now. He did say, when they were operated in carrying days, it's said the boatman would drain the oil out of the engine into a container and put it on the range for a time to warm up. Lot of messing about don't you think?
After charging up the battery again, making sure all connections were tight, I gave it a couple of turns, not much quicker, there was white smoke at the exhaust, which is a start but no attempt to fire. Right.....take out the injectors, on inspection they were completely carboned up, gave them a quick wipe, after checking the pumps were actually working I connected them to the pipes so I could see the spray pattern from the tip while cranking the engine over. Nothing but a dribble! AhAh! jets blocked. After finding the minute holes and cleaning them out a few cranks and a perfect spray, right, we're getting somewhere now.
Put everything back together, warmed all the engine with the blow lamp, removed the air filter and while cranking the engine over, played the blow lamp over the air intakes. Heyyy.....Presto gadunk, gadunk, gadunk, what a relief.
Letting the engine run for a while to get warmed up I noticed the output shaft of the gearbox going round, thinking this was just oil drag I put my foot on the flange to stop it......nope, it's in forward gear? moving the gear shift one notch back we have reverse, so, where's neutral?
I started to play about with the gear shift and found neutral a few degrees back from what should be neutral. So, the reason the starter motor is running slow and getting hot is.....we're in gear all the time.
Next job, gear box top off and find out what's amiss.


Mike and Chrissie said...

Hi Andrew, I read with interest about the problems in cold starting the AS2 engine in Dove. As an alternative to the blow lamp, would you consider installing a second hand Eberspacher Airtronic heater, with its outlet flexibly ducted to heat the engine block and cylinders prior to start-up. Sounds safer than the blow(up)lamp! I've seen these advertised on Ebay at reasonable prices. The obvious advantage here, would be the absence of any naked flames in the engine ole!


fmc dove said...

Not a bad Idea Mike, but looking at the reports on CWF I might spend more time repairing the Eberspacher than the AS. Did see a chap use a hot air paint stripper on a AS, but that means having a easy way is there.