Thursday, 25 March 2010

Gone and done it now!

Been a bit busy just of late, trying to condense one house and one workshop into two boats, they don't fit, so, blogging has taken a back seat till now.
We have now sold our pile of bricks and move onto the boats tomorrow, ready to explore England. We can now go places farther afield and come and go as we please and work on Dove when it suits us, not just at weekends when it's pouring down with rain.
Speaking of Dove, I got the day tank fitted and went for a tootle down to the junction and back, all of 200 yards, but it proved everything works. The gear shift is a tad long, might have to alter that, me thinks.
We're going to start splashing some paint about next week, see if we can smarten the cabin up a bit, the winter has really had a bash at the woodwork. Also, now the engine 'ole has dried out, I've got some Mid Brunswick green to paint the tanks and bottom sides. With a bit of luck and fine weather we might look quite presentable for Coventry Basin at Easter.
We wont have any new cloths though, the application for a Historic Ships Grant was turned down, so it looks like we'll be funding that too. Funny, we've never been lucky with freebies.
I'll be back with some pictures of the painting progress.


mjpip48 said...

just saw you cwdf ive seen your boats when i walk my dog and have my pint at fradley i love the working boats and the propper noises they make wish you all the best with your new planned trips i envy you both,hope the new setup at fradley hasn,t affected you happy boatin. mike

fmc dove said...

Thanks Mike,
Stop for a chat next time you pass


mjpip48 said...

hi andrew see you din,t make ccov for easter went today for a look stayed till 12.15 at which point only one boat was running its engine think they all must have had hangovers,walked past your boats friday night about 7ish saw ur lovely engine went as far as shade lock,when i came back youd closed the hatches,will put my head in soon.cheers MIKE