Monday, 29 March 2010

Above is the finished tank complete and piped up, I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Just got to find a level gauge glass.
While the fine weather lasted, I decided to touch up the white boarders and the red beading. It turned into a bigger job than expected, as you may note from the above photo. With the timber frame being Eroko, a resinous hard wood and not the easiest thing to paint. You need to use a special primer to seal it. Howerver, if the wood is slightly damp on application the results are not good. In Dove's case everything was fine until Jack Frost got in there. It detached the paint from the wood but left it hanging there and you wouldn't know anything was wrong, 'till you touched it with a sander. As you can see very little stayed intact, so, it doesn't look like we're going to Coventry, by boat anyway.

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Mike and Chrissie said...

The tank looks really well now it's painted up and in place.I see you've sold up and joined us water gypsies on the cut. This is where your life begins in earnest.