Tuesday, 6 April 2010

All touched up

Over the Easter weekend the weather allowed me to slap some paint on the cabin boarders and beading, so it looks quite presentable now. It's not the best of paint jobs, when the better weather comes I'll rub it down and give it another top coat, then get Jim McCormick to re-do the registration numbers. While I'm at it, I'm giving the cabin top another coat of red, after plugging the holes left from the old gear change and throttle rod brackets.
In and amongst, I've fitted an alternator to the engine and now in the process of making a guard for it and also the low level crank which has a James Bond DB5 type claw at the end of it, just right for taking you leg off. It's had a tug at my Overall leg already.
While I've been busying myself on the outside bits, Andrea's been washing and cleaning all the Back Cabin stuff, Sidebed covers, curtains and lacy bits. She also blacked the stove which had started to show signs of neglect. It's now looking like home again.
We're taking Dove out for a jaunt next weekend, up to Hoo Mill for party. Will be in the company of Trout, Monarch and Lily although Lily is not in good fettle just yet, after the fire.
Edit...After reading Blossom other boats attending are, Minnow and England

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Blossom said...

Hi Andrew, Minnow's already there, took her up today as it was the only chance I'd have. Spent an hour chatting to Andy and Laney about next week end's bash. Sounds like it could be a corker with what they've got planned. Look forward to seeing you and Andrea there.