Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Dove day

Living in close proximity of Dove, like next door, it makes it easy to decide to have a "Dove Day" just when you want. As you can see from the above picture, I am notoriously tidy, I did put everything away once and couldn't find a thing for weeks.
Today, I thought we would make a new Scuttle hatch from some plate left over from the engine 'ole floor. Bending the plate proved a little difficult, not having a press brake. After cutting it to shape I had to grip the plate between two pieces of 3x3 angle iron in the vice, then heat it up and pull and heave like......well I'm sure you can imagine.
Making the hinges was just bits of 2 inch by 3/8th flat and bits of 3/4 inch round bar welded into 3/4 inch pipe. I think originally these would be forged or cast, but not having either of these facilities I have to cheat now and again.
After everything had cooled down it was time to get out the noisy tool and rivet on the hinges. With Andrea's help it didn't take long to pop in six 5/8th rivets.

The finished product, fitted and painted, looks a bit neater than the lump of ply wood we had wedged in previously.
We're off tomorrow for a trip up the Erewash with Trout for a few days. So next week we should have a trip report.


Anonymous said...

Saw you chugging downstream past the end of Street Stores Basin in Long Eatn earlier today, which despite being a mere boats' length away by water is about a mile around of other means...

I had quick visions of setting off in pursuit (excuse: to enquire after Dove's mast/cratch construction). But by the time I'd got the bicycle unfolded some uninvited drizzle briefly appeared and I lost the inclination to risk leaving the power tools out to get a soaking!

Happy chugging!

Mike and Chrissie said...

Hi Andrew, had to laugh at your 'tidy' comment. I too can be a little untidy, I'm told that it's a man's prerogative.

Currently putting the finishing touches to our original 40' narrowboat. It started as a simple make-over whilst we were still living on board and ended up as a complete re-fit!


fmc dove said...

Hi Mike,
When are we going see your blog again.

If you're around we'll be at Braunston this year.