Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Due to the lack of signal at Fradley, it's been difficult to post just lately. We are now sat in the Ellerby Hotel near Cleveland Potash and supposed to be working but found out I could latch on to the hotel wi-fi thingy.
Anyway to catch up on last few days, we've been tinkering about with the engine and gearbox.
The engine hasn't been running just right, a bit heavy on one cylinder, so I thought I'd have a play with injector pumps. They are independently adjustable, by shortening the length of the rods you can adjust the amount of fuel delivered to the injectors. After a hour or so I think I've got it about right, both cylinder are now firing even and at the same temperature, well, within a couple of degrees.
The gearbox top cover was also leaking badly, so a new cork gasket was needed, luckily I keep a sheet of 1/16th cork in stock for work, so this this was soon cut out and fitted.
After our little outing to Hoo Mill I've also made some changes to the gear change levers, I found out the bottom lever was catching a nut on the gearbox case when in forward gear and this was working the lever off the shaft. I've now adjusted the stroke of the lever making it fall short of the nut and also shortening the stroke at the steering position, which is now better all round.
On Monday we had a bit of free time so, we popped over to see Chertsey at Kieth Balls yard and met Sarah and Jim for first time. I must say Chertsey is looking very smart now with a new coat of black and will be nice to see it at Braunston in the water.
Right back to work.

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