Monday, 1 March 2010

Finishing things

This weekend we just tinkered about finishing bits off. I fitted the prop shaft coupling then started the engine to see what the prop was like. The one that's on at the moment is the one matched to the Gardner, which is 23x16 the correct size is 22x15. It's surprising how much an inch on diameter and an inch on pitch makes. The amount of water coming out of the back was quite substantial and the engine went in to lumpy mode at tickover, creating quite a bit of smoke. So, it looks like we'll be changing the prop, the longest part of that job is getting into the dock.
Another job we did, was get the strap fitted round the bottom tank, this is made of 2in "D" section bar folded round the tank and bolted to the engine 'ole bulkhead, this stops the tank falling over which I think would be easily done with 180 gallons (820 ltrs) slopping about.
Blimey...just a thought, 820 ltrs at 60p a ltr. That's errrr 492 quid! for a full tank. I think we might go for a bulk delivery.
We had a couple of 45 gall drums of diesel in the hold so we popped them in and checked for leaks around the bottom of the tank....none yet, just the drain cock wanted nipping up a bit.
Sunday was a bit of a slow start due to spending a little too much time in the Swan on Saturday night. Fitzy the one man entertainment system was on and you have to stay for the laugh.

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