Friday, 15 October 2010

Clothed up

Wednesday I had a free day, so I got stuck into fitting the last cross plank and stand. Due to the cross chain eyes being removed some years ago and replaced with new rivets, I had to drill and tap a 16mm hole to accommodate the new threaded eye. The problem is, the mag drill won't work on uneven surfaces, so, it had to be the hand drill, not the easiest of tasks. After a long hunt for the plank brackets I made ages ago and with a slight alteration to make them fit round a jointing angle in the gunwhale these were soon fitted and the plank slotted in. Next the hole for the Stand, with the stand being tapered It's a bit tricky getting the hole the right size so the stand reaches the floor but doesn't wobble about in the hole.
Thursday morning we set off to Atherstone to meet the Jam 'oler's, we're in no rush so we just made for Alvecote. While there we dropped of a mast case for a friend of ours and popped in the Sam Barlow for a pint, and very nice it was too. Some other friends were heading this way so we decided to make a night of it.
Friday we headed off up to Lock 8 on the Atherstone flight, where we could use the generator and power tools without upsetting anybody. Here I got on with making the top planks and then fit the rest of the cloths on.
All the planks, props and the stand now need painting, this will be done on our return
By the time I'd made the strings and got them all fitted, it was going dark so this is the best photo I could take for now.

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