Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The last hop

We left Birmingham about 8:00am and wandered down Farmers Bridge then Aston, we had the locks all to ourselves, soon got into a routine and the wander turned into a trot, just can't help myself.
At Salford junction, Andrea still steering and made the junction in one, don't you just hate clever sods. Every time I do it, it's teaming down with rain, windy or I just have a brain fart.
Nothing much happened the rest of the way, just the regular run we've done many times before.
We were going to stop at Fazeley for the night but it was a fine evening so we decided to crack on to Fradley. However, while going through Hopwas wood we came across Monarch and friends and finished up in the Hopwas Social Club and very nice it was to, good choice of beers and very friendly, recommended.
On our way back to fradley now after very good trip out.
Get ready for the next outing now...The Jam 'ole...For thous that don't know what it entails It's a re-enactment of the last coal run to Kealy and Tongs jam factory in Southall, London. Leaving Braunston on Saturday morning, running to Atherstone then back to Braunston and then on down the GU to Southall, have a pint or two then, back to Braunston.
I'll let you know how we get on!

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Mike and Chrissie said...

'Brain Fart'? Never have I heard of such an expression. Nearly peed myself when I read your blog :-)