Saturday, 16 October 2010

Top of Atherstone

Arrived at the top of Atherstone about 10:30 this morning. Rothens coal yard is now closed and empty so I thought I'd better take a photo, before the local little darlings wreck it, as...
with this one at other side of the bridge!
The photo above was actually to show off the new cloths and strings I fitted last night. I've being trying different string material over the passed few months and to get the propper effect, so I've gone for natural fibre, and finally went for Hemp. Synthetic fibre doesn't grip very well so you can't do up the strings as demonstrated in the Bill and Joe film linked earlier. However, Hemp shrinks like buggery when wet, so this morning you could play a tune on the side of the boat, they were that tight the planks were bending. Also, there is another bad thing... it stinks like a dried cow pat. So it is a little antisocial.
We're now having a relaxing afternoon ready for the 4:30 set off in the morning.

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