Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back on the BCN

Got to Curdworth last night in the pouring rain, wind and dark, what a day. We had the company of Swallow, the Cowburn boat with David Lowe steering, until Fazeley.
We left Curdworth at 6:00 this morning ready to attack the climb into Brum. The usual problems going up Curdworth, low water and bottom gate on lock 2, it doesn't open fully back so it's a pain in the arse to get in. Minworth was the same except for a sunken boat in the middle of the cut, just managed to get round it. Then came Aston, Andrea had to run water down every pound, even when the pounds were nearly full I was still bouncing about on scrap metal and bricks. The photo below is of one of the side pounds
Next came Farmers Bridge Locks, surprise, everything was great, we flew up. Even had time to spot this little gem of old Birmingham trapped between two modern Lego type structures.

This is what I like about the BCN, the industrial bits. It's a shame it's all disappearing.
While motoring down the New Main line I thought I'd do a bit of bridge spotting, how sad can it get. If you look at the photo above there's one of the most common bridges on BCN, these are of cast iron and in sections. The one below shows the Engine arm aqueduct, this is a real fancy piece of work, I can't see how it's constructed, must have a closer look one day.
The next shot is of Galton bridge through the railway arch with the bottom summit tunnel in back ground

It's now throwing it down with rain and I'm trying to hold the camera, brolly and the tiller. This is a concrete affair that seams to be falling down. It's steel clamps holding it together, obviously not a success.

I thought this was interesting, the stone arch joining the now derelict buildings to the railway, with the Old main line aqueduct twin arch in the distance and topped with the M5 monstrosity

This is the bottom of Spon Lane locks showing more cast iron tow path bridges, I think when horses were used you really had to know your way about.

Remnants of the industrial past, factory closed, wharf choked with weed. Shame!
Pudding Green Jct. with it's riveted lattis work bridge. I wounder why it's different to all the others.
Right, that's the bridge spotting over, next was the Netherton Tunnel then Windmill End. More bridge spotting tomorrow.

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