Friday, 10 September 2010

Bent copper

As promised, more bridges. These are the bridges are at Windmill End and are a single cast span by Toll End foundry unlike the Horseley type on the main line.
Here we are tied up near Bumble Hole bridge. The reason for coming to Windmill End early, was to re-pipe an engine for a Friend of ours. He has a Lister HRW2 that was piped up with bits and bobs of soldered and compression fittings and he wanted me to smarten it up.
The pipework in boat engine rooms is one thing that puts me on my soap box. People who install a nice vintage engine then festoon it with domestic plumbing and yellow handled ball valves really get on my nerves and should have their engine room doors welded up. It doesn't take much to do it as it should be, when you've spent £xxxx why scrimp on the installation. Mind you a lot of boat yards don't have the skill nor the inclination to do a proper job.

As you can see, all the pipes are bent, no elbows, which are flow restrictors and of course potential leaks. All couplings are heavy duty LG4 brass and silver soldered.


John Witts said...

Proper Job!!

That looks fantastic!

Regards, Johna and Jackie, wb Pippin

Mike and Chrissie said...

Yes, a really proper job. Andrew, you should have been a pipe fitter!
Or, at least on the books at SM Hudson's yard. Our coolant pipes from a silly Beta Marine modern engine could only be described as pityful. Took me all of an hour to tidy them up.