Monday, 13 September 2010

Windmill End

On the Friday before all the festivities James the steerer of Marquis, decided to have a jolly outing through Gosty tunnel to Hawne basin and back. This took us passed the site of Stewart and Lloyds, the holy grail to pipefitters.
We didn't get very far before the bottom of the BCN grabbed the blade and wrapped it in cable sheathing and various items of clothing so, someone had to go in, well done Joe.
We finally got on the way, soon looking at the derelict buildings of Coombswood industrial past and the very odd tunnel design, we decided that the tunnel roof was so high to accommodate the funnel of the steam tug. Correct us if we're wrong.
For the rest of the weekend we were surrounded by historic boats, beer and good friends. Also this year, some new friends, Chertsey and Minnow. There was the usual crowd as well, the ones that sit quiet and drink, the ones that talk endlessly ( Chertsey only had him one night) and the ones that make a total arse of themselves. It's all good fun and very entertaining.
One of the regulars to the event had a problem with his gearbox and asked if we could give him a tow when we left, so at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon we set off with The Gerald in tow. This boat was one of Stewart and Lloyds tube boats now converted to a cabin boat and very heavy as we soon found out.
What with the weight of the boat and the weed, our little AS2 was thrashing it's little nuts off. But once in clear water it was off like a good'n'. We stayed the night in the BW hole at the top of the 21, then set off down the locks at 7am Gerald went down first with some hired help and we followed and couldn't resist some more bridge spotting

Railway bridges cross at different levels. Note the viaduct has a skew arch over the canal. The red and white bridge behind is made from laminated riveted plates, lovely peice of work.
This viaduct is lower down the flight and again a skew arch over the canal but somewhat higher
At the bottom of the 21 we picked up The Gerald and towed him to Autherly Junction and there we left him.
We're now at Teddersley for the night and shattered after being grounded several times. Hope we have a better day tomorow.

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Joe said...

Well yes...some bugger had to go in...My first REAL experience of the cut...being armpit deep in it tugging on some nonsense caught around the prop!