Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A bit of Gardnering

Sorry about the title, couldn't resist it.
We finally got round to removing the 4L2 out of the hold, trying to make some space for other things. A friend of ours just happened to have an Hi-hab to hand over the weekend while we were visiting so, we thought we'd make use of it.
A very useful tool when lifting nearly 2 tons of motor out of a hole. It took me longer to take the sheets off than to lift it out, all done in a jiffy.
The engine is now for sale, anybody interested.


Mike and Chrissie said...

Hi Andrew, could I be so bold as to ask why you chose the Armstrong Siddly alternative engine? I would have given my left whatsit to have an engine such as that example in a boat such as yours!


fmc dove said...

Mike,the Gardner filled the engine room, from bulkhead to cabin door, it was to powerfull, it never got warm. Then there's the reversing box, it likes lots of deep water like a river even the sea! It was just not suitable for this boat or the canal.
The Armstrongs do have historic connections as they were fitted by BW in the 50's besides it was afforable! and sounds better.