Sunday, 31 January 2010

Another cold weekend

Had an excellent weekend this weekend, got loads done. The picture above, is of the engine bearers with all the bolts fitted. I spent most of Saturday morning chiseling out the squares for the engine bolts to fit into, gawd it was cold!
I also got the floor plates fitted, these had to be trimmed to suit on site due to the engine ole being three inches narrower at the back, then there's the knees and also a butt strap to shape round, but after a bit of juggling everything went in ok.
Just to confuse everybody, I've left the mud box in position, I thought it might be a talking point. Due to the Armstrong Sidderley being air cooled it will serve no porpoise other than being a piece of history. Or you never know, Andrea just might come round to having a B####der. I dernt spell it in full, cos if Andrea sees it, I'll be in twuble.
Andrea has spent a lot of time talking to the likes of Henry Johnson and Joe Hollingshead and come to the conclusion B####ders are loverly other peoples boats!


Blossom said...

Andrew, listen to Andrea, you know it makes sense, until I bought Minnow I always swore I would never have a Bolinder and Henry and Joe are right Bolinder's are great in someone else's boat! If you need any more persuasion just speak to George Wain off England. Mind you I would not take my 'pup' out for anything now, unless it broke beyond repair (anybody seen the sledge hammer)

fmc dove said...

Thanks for that Malcolm, I allways listen to Andrea...She keeps my feet on the ground and my money in the bank. I'll just have to listen you go bye. Bye the way, I haven't seen George for ages, he usually pops down once in a while.