Sunday, 3 January 2010

Let work commence

After the compulsory eating and drinking was over, we set too and laid some more flooring. The flooring is made up of 9 x 1 inch boards sat on 3 x 2 inch battens and held in possition by a rebate in the kelson. While Andrea was sawing off the boards with her new Christmas "Evolution Rage" circular saw, (very inpresive, cuts through steel too!) I was nailing it all together in to panels, this would then enable us to move all the equipment from the back of the boat to about midships, giving us room to remove the bottom section of the engine room bulkhead and drag out the Gardner, all two tons of it.

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Mike and Chrissie said...

Totally impressed with your work ethic and commitment! Would love to do the same if I was 10 years younger, Mike.