Sunday, 3 January 2010

Christmas on the the boats

Just because it's Chistmas dosen't mean you can rest......there's work to be done.
Having both boats moored together makes life easy while we're down there, that is, you don't have to travel far to work.

On Christmas eve we packed up lock, stock and Barrel (homebrew that is) and set off to Fradley determind to have ten days hard graft.
In the van, was every tool I could think of and on the trailer all the wood for the remainder of the floor and of course, the AS2.
Ariving at Fradley in two inches of snow and ice made it very difficult to get out of a nice warm van and into two very cold boats.
We spent most of the day transfering stuff from van to boat and getting the stoves going, so not much progress on Dove. Also it was warmer in the pub.

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