Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bottom Tank

Quite a while ago we were bashing away at Dove when, I heard a the sound of a two cylinder and as always you have to look, don't you?

Looking out to see a familiar Josher bow heading our way.......and the familiar face Jim Taylor on the back. This was just a bit of good timing due to us just purchasing the AS2 from David Dains and Jim Taylors boat Empress has the same motor. This gave me a good opportunity to have a chat.

On scrambling out of Dove we bumbed into another familiar face....Ian Braine, obviously giving Jim a hand.

While I went to converse with Jim about motors, Andrea had a chat to Ian, on my return Andrea and Ian were talking about Bottom Tanks and before I knew it was all priced and arranged for collection.

Well, on Saturday, in the snow, went to collect this tank, It turned out to be a proper riveted Josher fuel tank and in remarkable condition. While loading it on to the trailer Malcolm came out for chat, which I find interesting, he's always a good tail to tell.

We were hoping to drop the tank straight into Dove but, due to about three inches of ice, there was no way we were going to move anything, so the tank stayed on the trailer and back home where I will clean it up and give it a coat of paint.

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