Sunday, 3 January 2010

In goes the AS2

After nearly a full day heaving, tugging and pulling we finally got the Gardner out of the engine room and into the middle of the hold, and there it will stay until sold.
Now to erect the Heath Robinson engine lifting gear, this is our home made swinging gibbet. We made this while on dry land at Teddersly, it came in very handy for lifting equipment in and out of the boat and cheap too.

We now had to pole Dove down to the dock side, so we could get boat and trailer side by side to tranship the AS2.

After a trial lift it was desided best to put out a spud leg, this was a piece of steel "G" cramped to the top bulkhead flange of Dove's engine room and pack up with timber of the dock side. This now stopped Dove tipping over with weight of the AS2.

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