Monday, 11 January 2010

The engine in position, needs lifting 4 inches to line up with the prop shaft, also the prop shaft need shortening by about a foot.

Looking at my fellow bloggers, Chertsey and Blossom, seems we are all now getting a little tired of this cold snap, as the Met office call it, four weeks now, isn't it?
It is certainly playing havoc our work schedule and we are falling behind rapidly. We were hoping to get everything done for the Easter get together at Coventry, but that's looking doubtful now.
Having to work under the sheets is a right pain, especially when you're cutting out part of the old engine bearers that are soaked in diesel and old engine oil. The fumes....
Sunday, I spent most of my time looking and planning and figuring the geometry of the forward and reverse lever, also the throttle has land just where the existing exhaust pipe is, dam!

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